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For adults with postpartum depression (PPD)

ZURZUVAE is the first and only FDA-approved oral treatment for postpartum depression you take for 14 days

ZURZUVAE (zur-ZOO-vay)Clicking on “zur-ZOO-vay” will trigger a voiceover pronouncing the brand name “ZURZUVAE” is a prescription medicine. Speak to your healthcare provider to see if ZURZUVAE™ (zuranolone) is right for you.

ZURZUVAE 50 mg was studied in a 6-week clinical study of 195 women with postpartum depression. Effectiveness was measured at Day 15 and other days, such as Days 3 and 45, as part of the study, using a standard depression rating scale. For 14 days, 98 women took ZURZUVAE and 97 women took placebo, either alone or added to an oral antidepressant they were already taking, then were followed up for another 4 weeks.

Help is here FOR YOU

ZURZUVAE For You is a patient support program that is here to help as you navigate your treatment journey.