For adults with postpartum depression (PPD)

ZURZUVAE (zur-ZOO-vay)
is the first and only FDA-approved oral treatment for PPD

ZURZUVAE (zuranolone) is a prescription medicine. Speak to your healthcare provider to see if ZURZUVAE is right for you.

Proven to improve PPD symptoms at day 15 and as early as day 3

In a 6-week clinical study, the effectiveness of ZURZUVAE 50 mg when compared to placebo (sugar pill) was measured at Day 15 using a standard depression rating scale and was also measured at Day 3 as a preplanned part of the study. An improvement in depression symptoms was measured from when patients started the study. Patients taking ZURZUVAE had a significantly greater improvement at Day 15 and Day 3 when compared to placebo.

Taken once a day for 14 days, in the evening, with fat-containing food

Speak to your healthcare provider about the best time of day for you to take ZURZUVAE.

A new oral treatment for PPD

Find out more about how ZURZUVAE is thought to work by talking to your healthcare provider.

3 steps to get your ZURZUVAE prescription

If you and your healthcare provider decide ZURZUVAE is right for you, here's how you'll get your medication.

Step 1

Your healthcare provider will send your prescription to a specialty pharmacy within our network.

Step 2

The specialty pharmacy will contact you to confirm your prescription, insurance coverage, and benefit eligibility.

Step 3

Your prescription will be shipped directly to you. A signature by someone aged 18+ will be required.

Help is here For You

ZURZUVAE For You is a patient support program that is here to help you navigate your ZURZUVAE treatment journey. ZURZUVAE For You provides services to patients, including Support Coordinators who are available to provide product and disease information and answer questions.

If you have been prescribed ZURZUVAE, financial assistance programs, such as the ZURZUVAE Savings Card Program,* may be available to help you access your prescribed medication. Please remember your healthcare provider is your best source of information for any medical questions or healthcare needs.

If you have any questions about PPD, ZURZUVAE, or services and resources available to support you, you can call

*Financial assistance for eligible patients under the ZURZUVAE Savings Card Program will be applied directly by the specialty pharmacy filling the prescription. Restrictions apply.

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