In a clinical study, ZURZUVAE provided a fast way to feel symptom improvement

ZURZUVAE is a 14-day treatment course that improved postpartum depression symptoms at day 15

Quick results

Significant improvements in postpartum depression symptoms were seen at day 15 and as early as day 3 compared to placebo

First and only

FDA-approved oral treatment for postpartum depression you take for 14 days

Sustained results

Postpartum depression symptom improvement compared to placebo was sustained for ~4 weeks after the 14-day treatment course was completed

ZURZUVAE 50 mg was studied in a 6-week clinical trial of 195 women with postpartum depression. Effectiveness was measured at Day 15 as well as other days, such as Days 3 and 45, as part of the study, using a standard depression rating scale. For 14 days, 98 women took ZURZUVAE and 97 women took placebo, either alone or added to an oral antidepressant they were already taking, then were followed up for another 4 weeks.